Presse Concert du 17 Février avec l’Orchestre Philharmonique d’Helsinki

Catchy with saxophone

Who likes soprano saxophone got one’s fill in Music Hall on Friday.

Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra by Debussy. Countryman Vincent David’s scenically mobile interpretation underlined the piece’s lyrical, among other aspects, and all friends of soprano saxophone had their fill in the encore, David’s personally drafted version of Debussy’s flute hit Syrinx.
I have always considered Henri Tomasi (1901-71) a better composer than his reputation, and Concerto for Saxophone [and Orchestra] – in its enormously elegant interpretation by David – was neoclassically well formulated, with appealing entertainment and jazz colours. The Helsinki Philharmonic musicians played with catch and refinement, and Payare I would like, as soon as possible, to hear again in an entirely different kind of repertoire.
(translated from Swedish into English by Mikko Pyhälä)

Saxophone temptations

VINCENT DAVID’s alto saxophone turned out to be the most interesting asset at the concert
Drowsiness and mediterranean heat were characteristic to Concerto for Saxophone [and Orchestra] by Henri Tomasi which glided playfully and enjoyably without unnecessary worries. The saxophone seemed like tempting us in certain kind of nonchalance.
DAVID’s alto saxophone sounded seductive and when required, surprisingly powerful. That instrument was changed into soprano saxophone in his encore, Syrinx which Debussy had originally composed for flute.

Jukka Isopuro (translated from Finnish into English by Mikko Pyhälä)

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