First record made from my compositions and my universe.

This album explores different facets of my imagination with sometimes a lyrical saxophone, sometimes rhythmic or just treated as a percussion instrument. The colours of these pieces are marked with musical and cultural references. As a performer, these compositions also reflect a musical and technical outcome that highlights the modernity of the saxophone with different styles and influences.

From sonata to solo, including a mixed quarter with drums, double bass, piano and saxophone, this program will help you rediscover the melodic and rhythmic capacities of Adolphe SAX’s creation.

1/  MIRAGES  for  soprano saxophone and piano                                                                              

2/ ÉCLATS D’ÉCHOS for alto saxophone, commissioned by  Andorra saxfest competition 2017                                                                      

3/ SILLAGE for  soprano  saxophone                                                                      

4/NUÉE ARDENTE for alto saxophone and piano. commissioned by the International  Adolphe sax competition,  Dinant 2019                                                                                                               

5/ ÉCHOS ÉCLATÉS ( long version ) for soprano sax                                                    

6/IN PULSE for alto saxophone, piano, doublebass and drums  (« pulse » version sax solo)   




Under the impulse of Vincent David, this Quartet gather together musicians sharing an impetus and a common energy. Baptiste Herbin, Stéphane Guillaume, Vincent David and Jean-Charles Richard are the members since 2012. This saxophone quartet (non-exclusive) offers a trip to the many styles and colors with original compositions. The writing mixes closely modern, classical and jazz sounds. This first disc is an opportunity to discover the different facets of this resolutely modern instrument.






This disc takes you on a journey with the modern saxophone. From solo to soloist-with-ensemble, via chamber music duets and trios, the saxophone investigates the composers’ rapport with Jazz. King of instruments in this style, it uncovers within these pieces an idiomatic music, formed as much by the direct influence of Jazz as by the struggle to avoid it. These pieces, brought together here for the first time, are an essential guide to current saxophone composition.



French Style



The most beautiful pages of classical music for the saxophone convey perfectly the style and aesthetic of French music at the turn of the 20th century.

 The colorful and varied sonic palette of Fauré, Debussy, Ravel, Schmitt, Milhaud, Maurice and Desenclos represents an essential part of the French style in the first half of the twentieth century.


  • Maurice « les tableaux de provence»
  • Debussy « Rhapsodie»
  • Fauré « Fantaisie» 
  • Desenclos « Prélude, cadence et final»
  • Schmitt « Légende»
  • Ravel « Sonatine»
  • Milhaud « Scaramouche»




Crossover, from writing to improvisation.



Crossover: – “A place at which or the means by which a crossing is made” – “The adaptation of a musical style, as by blending elements of two or more styles or categories, to appeal to a wider audience”.


  • Poulenc and Prokofiev sonatas
  • Duos by V. David / JC. Richard



Berio-Boulez: Dialogue, Chemins, Récit…



Vincent David, together with his principal chamber music colleagues and his closest friends, gives unusual performance of the works of the present recording, an interpretation which provides a new discovery of the essential and impeccable nudity of musical emotions.


  • Boulez « Dialogue de l’ombre double»
  • Berio « Chemin IVb», « Récit» ( Chemin VII), Duos
  • Webern « Quartet» op.22




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Mantovani- Troisième Round



Any music lover with half an eye open knows the name of Bruno Mantovani.
He is recognized as a composer of exceptional talent. And indeed, few of his colleagues can boast, at his young age (his thirtieth birthday is not until 2004), of an output performed by celebrated soloists as well as the finest ensembles in contemporary music, surely no coincidence.


Mantovani « Troisième round» pour saxophones et ensemble



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